Blockchain Scalability And The Fragmentation Of Crypto


BIS: Blockchain Scalability And The Fragmentation Of Crypto

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Date 07/06/2022

BIS Bulletin  |  No 56  |  

07 June 2022

Key takeaways

Permissionless blockchains work by offering financial incentives to decentralised validators. But the mechanism for sustaining these incentives essentially entails congestion results and excessive charges. These excessive charges encourage the usage of various chains, resulting in a fragmentation of the crypto panorama.

Newer blockchains have greater capability, even when these come at the price of better centralisation and weaker safety. Variations within the design additionally preclude blockchain interoperability.

Restricted scalability and an absence of interoperability not solely stop community results from taking root, however a system of parallel blockchains additionally provides to governance and security dangers

Regardless of fragmentation, cryptocurrencies on completely different blockchains exhibit robust worth co-movements, as they typically share the identical investor base, and progress is sustained by speculative shopping for of cash.



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