In Conversation With the Federal Reserve Chief Innovation Officer

The reality is, this industry doesn’t even know that the Fed wants to hear from them, let alone how to talk to the Fed. The simplest way I would implore your audience [to do] is, number one, our virtual door’s open. If you have a contact or you know how to engage with your local Federal Reserve Bank, great. If not, honestly, hit me up. I’m on Telegram. I’m on Twitter, I’m on LinkedIn, and I’ll be more than happy to understand what you’re trying to accomplish. And then, whether it’s my team and I or whether it’s connecting you to my colleagues at the Fed, the virtual door’s open. As I joke, I’m happy to be the Bumble app of innovation and connect the communities of the Fed, and my communities from crypto and DeFi and Web 3 to have this dialogue. And the other thing, if I might put a plug in, Nik, is something we’re starting called Fed Corps. Think of it like the Peace Corps, but for the Federal Reserve.

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